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  • Chicago Board of Trade - CBOT - The Chicago Board of Trade is the leading agricultural and financial futures and options exchange trading corn, soybean, wheat and treasury notes via ace electronic trading, Eurex and open outcry.
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange - Financial exchange trading futures, options, commodities: eurodollar options, nasdaq futures, s&p500 index futures, foreign exchange options and derivatives: Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • London Metal Exchange - The LME is the worlds premier market for futures trading. Its website is both educational and newsworthy, publishing information on the operations of the Exchange, daily data and downloadable historical data.
  • London Stock Exchange - The London Stock Exchange site provides information on the new market for innovative technology companies.
  • Malaysia Monetary Exchange - Malaysia Monetary Exchange is the world's first ringgit Futures Kuala Lumpur Inter-nbank Offer Rate (KLIBOR).
  • NASDAQ - The NASDAQ Stock Market
  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange - website features latest market data, quotes, and listings for stocks, equity options, sector index options, LEAPS, and FLEX issues.